it is a creative media company based in venice, california.

DEM was founded unofficially around 2008, but officially incorporated in january of 2012. since those first days, our driving force has been to create exceptional, compelling, and inspiring media. whether that be a product video for a music software company, postproduction for a feature film, colour correction and visual effects for a network television program, music video production, or even just helping figure out some weird codec situation someone has managed to get themselves into.

we do all that stuff, and more.

we've built up a rather considerable array of production and postproduction tools and software packages, and we're constantly striving to integrate those tools and expand what's possible for ourselves and our clients. 

above all we have an absolute passion for what we do, and that will always be what motivates us.

we'd love to discuss your media needs, whatever they might be! drop us a line and say hello!