TVChris Morgan

ANTM Cycle21 Main Titles

TVChris Morgan
ANTM Cycle21 Main Titles

in 2014, DEM was asked to once again work on the graphics and main titles for america's next top model. for cycle 21, however, we were able to be a bit more involved in the process, and worked with director Tony Croll as well as the executive team to come up with a rather splashy title treatment.

whereas for cycle 20's titles we essentially just treated the footage and added text, we were far more involved with cycle 21's concept. indeed the footage was the last thing shot on our illustrious RED SCARLET, codenamed NOSTROMO. days after the shoot, NOSTROMO was sent back to RED (along with a tidy cash sum) in exchange for our new EPIC, aptly named SULACO.

once the footage was in the can (shooting of the main titles was actually a component of one of the early cycle 21 episodes) we brought everything back to the DEM labs for edit and colouring, and we developed the look of the glassy 3D titles and additional splashy water effects.

in the end we were quite pleased with the outcome of the titles, and we've already started working on a couple of internal projects inspired by the workflow. maybe we'll finish them.

DIT: chris morgan
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