TVChris Morgan

ANTM Cycle20: Nail Art Runway

TVChris Morgan
ANTM Cycle20: Nail Art Runway

while this video technically falls under the umbrella of the ANTM BTS videos we shot for cycle 20, we felt it deserved its own mention on the site.

the nail art runway show was shot during the filming of the nail art photoshoot episode of Top Model cycle 20. a pretty busy day at smashbox studios in culver city. on top of filming two regular BTS pieces and a second round of plea videos, we set up a custom-made runway (created by ANTM set decorator John Sparano) and a bunch of our own DMX-controlled LED lighting fixtures. we added a little fog machine magic and makeshift followspots ($15 LED flashlights from home depot) and we suddenly had a higher production value for this idea than we had anticipated.

back in post, we used davinci heavily on this piece. despite the amount of lighting fixtures involved, we had some pretty contrasty and noisy footage to work with. a little noise reduction and we were able to get some pretty clean images and push the latitude of the 5DII footage as far as possible in davinci. in fact, those with a keen eye will see a few spots where the h.264 codec falls apart due to the rather extreme colour correction... but a fair tradeoff given the overall richness of the piece.

DIRECTOR/CAMERA: chris morgan
SET CONSTRUCTION: john sparano
POST: darkenergymedia