UAD Neve 1073

UAD Neve 1073

every now and again you get to work on a truly unique and special project. not to say that our previous work with Universal Audio (see the apollo twin video) wasn't fun to work on, but when the UA marketing guys came to us with the concept for this video, we were more than excited to be a part of it.

we lit the entire thing with an ARRI 3-light kit (650, 300, and 150) which provided some solid lighting options that we were able to craft into a pretty stylish look.

the UA team had stacked the deck enormously in favour of this being an amazing video by preparing some incredible elements:

- a retrofitted vintage Apple computer which displayed on the CRT, in real-time, the UAD plugin interface. 

- various studio accoutrements such as the vintage headphones seen in the early moments.

- a spectacularly costumed Ed Cherney (and credit to Ed for effortlessly slipping into the role.)

- a perhaps even MORE spectacularly costumed Dave Isaac, complete with afro wig and karate gi.

we came up with some pretty great gags on the fly while filming - such as ed rolling into the shot of the Neve console on the studio chair, and shooting Dave's karate moves in 96fps on our then-brand-new RED EPIC. 

as a bonus for any Ed Cherney fans that might be reading this, here's a 40-second outtake of his epic slow-motion walk:

credit goes to UA for the edit and finishing of the piece, which adds to the vintage vibe considerably.

few companies have the confidence and vision to create a video like this, and we were only too happy to work with one that does. cheers to UA, and may there be many more!

DIRECTOR/CAMERA: chris morgan