UAD Apollo Twin

UAD Apollo Twin


pretty much anyone that works with DEM is a musician in some capacity. so it was not without some excitement that we headed up to san francisco, california in december of 2013 to shoot a product video for Universal Audio's new two-channel thunderbolt interface, the Apollo Twin. we had been discussing the concept with the UA folks for some time, and had whittled it down pretty much exactly to what the final version represents. as a matter of fact, the whole affair was storyboarded on the drive up to SF. not sure why the dude has horns.




the video features none other than DEM special agent martin cremer as the lone music producer in his lonely, probably-far-too-large-for-your-average-musician san francisco loft. the footage of the singer (who is indeed the talent behind the track) was shot by a third party in wales and FTP-ed to us over the holiday break to ensure the video would be completed by winter NAMM 2014.

working with the UA folks was nothing short of fantastic, and despite having the song stuck in our heads for the better part of two weeks after the shoot, we had a great time putting this one together.

DIRECTOR/CAMERA: chris morgan
EDIT/VFX: darkenergymedia
POST: darkenergymedia