Antwan Samples

Antwan Samples

this is about as preposterous and hasty a production as you're likely to find. concept to completion in less than 24 hours (including sleep.)

a few of us were sitting around on a friday evening at the DEM labs, playing around with the Teenage Engineering OP-1 keyboard (which features in the video.) the illustrious john francis began playing the upbeat little keyboard part, and for whatever reason we all decided we should create a music video of sorts for it. of course, things quickly escalated, and before long we had a room full of theatrical smoke, LED lighting fixtures, and mr. francis himself had been dramatically transformed into antwan samples.

the dialogue is relatively improvised, with those of us behind the camera throwing out lines or questions to 'antwan'. there was really no rhyme or reason to any element of the production, and we'd like to think it shows. it's either that or people will think we're two chickens short of a tour bus. either way.

postproduction included the edit, a few VFX shots (for visual gags and cleanup), and colour grading in davinci. the accompanying music was created in post, using only antwan's keyboard part as a guide (which had been played along to a click track to enable such tomfoolery.)

the humour (if it may be called such) is lost on many. indeed the entire concept is lost on many, but it was a bit of fun, and now the world has it. stay tuned for more from antwan, it's an inevitability.

DIRECTOR/CAMERA: chris morgan
1st AD/1st AC/AUDIO: taylor smith
MUSIC: chris morgan / taylor smith
POST: darkenergymedia